Contents Page

Grammar Guide
Korean Sayings, Proverbs and Idioms
100 Most Useful Korean Verbs
100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives

Cheat Sheets
Vocab – Greetings and common phrases
Grammar Cheat Sheet #1
Grammar Cheat Sheet #2
Grammar Practice Worksheet 1

Beginner TOPIK Grammar Essentials
Beginner TOPIK PRactice
TOPIK Writing

Korean Municipal and Provincial Terms
Someday, somewhere, someone and something
School Subjects
Samsung CF
Family in Korean: Part I, Part II
Korean Slang (한국어 속어)
Busan Dialect (부산 사투리)
However, nonetheless
Still, not yet and already
Food vocab
Repeated syllable vocab
Body parts
Exam time
높임말 ~ Polite language and honorific terms
Korean Levels of Speech
MasterChef Vocabulary: Pasta and Noodles
Different Korean Verbs for “To Wear”
하루, 이틀, 사흘… ~ Counting days

Korean keyboard on Android


4 thoughts on “Contents Page

  1. bangmir says:

    You have such an AWESOME blog that provide how to learn korean. I love the way you write, also I’ve love your blog since the first time I open it (sorry if my English is not so good, btw). May I ask you about banmal? Or maybe you can write about it soon? 기다리고있어~! (is it rue?) Thanks ❤

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      고마워요! ^^ I’m glad its useful for someone else.

      Hmm 반말…I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now, and I have a post coming up on the different levels of speech in Korean (so hopefully it will be some help!). 반말 can be entirely appropriate to use when speaking to children, close friends and close relatives, but if you use it towards strangers or older people you might get in some trouble! So just be careful in what situation you use it in 🙂

      Happy studying!

  2. wawa says:

    hye ! I want to learn korean but I learn it by myself. Do you have any suggestion how to self-learning the language. I already learn about the alphabet. Do I have to learn vocabulary first or adverb first or adjective first? Which one I have to learn first and after then after that?? I hope you understand my question ! hehe. Thnk you!

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