Top 100 Most Useful Korean Verbs: Full List

Here’s the full list ^^ ~

  1. 오다: to come
  2. 마시다: to drink
  3. 먹다: to eat
  4. 주다:  to give
  5. 가다: to go
  6. 듣다:  to hear
  7. 배우다: to learn
  8. 만들다: to make
  9. 앉다: to sit
  10. 자다: to sleep
  11. 씻다: to wash
  12. 쓰다: to write
  13. 울다: to cry
  14. 갖다: to have
  15. 웃다: to laugh
  16. 보다: to see
  17. 일어나다: to get up
  18. 걷다: to walk
  19. 춤추다: to dance
  20. 만나다: to meet
  21. 공부하다: to study
  22. 운전하다: to drive
  23. 사다: to buy
  24. 읽다: to read
  25. 주문하다: to order
  26. 입다: to wear
  27. 찍다: to take (picture)
  28. 쓰다: to wear (hat, eyewear)
  29. 신다:  to wear (shoes, socks, footwear)
  30. 빌리다: to borrow, lend
  31. 전화하다: to telephone
  32. 말하다: to talk, speak
  33. 가르치다: to teach
  34. 기다리다: to wait
  35. 걸다: to call, dial
  36. 청소하다: to clean
  37. 타다: to ride
  38. 나가다: to exit
  39. 들어오다: to enter
  40. 물어보다: to ask
  41. 필요하다: to need
  42. 도와주다: to help
  43. 열다: to open
  44. 닫다: to close
  45. 일하다: to work
  46. 쉬다: to rest
  47. 운동하다: to exercise
  48. 생각하다: to think
  49. 알다: to know
  50. 모르다: to not know
  51. 요리하다: to cook
  52. 끓이다: to boil
  53. 썰다:  to chop, slice
  54. 튀기다: to deep fry
  55. 재다: to measure, weigh
  56. 섞다: to mix, blend
  57. 굽다: to roast, grill, bake
  58. 볶다: to fry
  59. 찌다: to steam
  60. 휘젓다: to stir
  61. 하다: to do
  62. 있다: to have
  63. 없다: to not have
  64. 이야기하다:  to talk, chat
  65. 연습하다: to practice
  66. 묻다: to ask
  67. 내다: to pay
  68. 살다: to live
  69. 죽다: to die
  70. 태어나다: to be born
  71. 사랑하다: to love
  72. 좋아하다: to like
  73. 싫어하다: to hate, dislike
  74. 결혼하다: to marry
  75. 축하하다: to congratulate
  76. 걱정하다: to worry
  77. 약속하다: to promise
  78. 거짓말하다: to lie
  79. 고백하다: to confess
  80. 죄송하다: to be sorry
  81. 찾다: to find, to look for
  82. 준비하다; to prepare
  83. 가지다: to have
  84. 기억하다: to remember
  85. 꿈꾸다: to dream
  86. 시작하다: to start
  87. 끝나다: to finish
  88. 보내다: to send
  89. 사용하다: to use
  90. 팔다: to sell
  91. 싸우다: to fight
  92. 대답하다: to answer
  93. 소개하다: to introduce
  94. 출발하다: to depart
  95. 도착하다: to arrive
  96. 벗다: to undress, take off clothes
  97. 이기다: to win, defeat
  98. 지다: to lose, be defeated
  99. 서두르다: to hurry, rush
  100. 사랑에 빠지다: to fall in love

55 thoughts on “Top 100 Most Useful Korean Verbs: Full List

  1. jubirang says:

    This is great! I love lists like this because there’s always words I don’t know – even when they’re the most common words! ^^ But one note: 급다 (number 59) is not a word in Korean. “To grill” is 굽다 like you have in 57. 🙂

  2. iwannalearnkorean says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG ❤ omg im so thankful I found it. Anyways, thanks for this ! Now i wont have to wonder everywhere looking for what the verb is in korean 😀 Oh yeah, i have a question, which is better to learn first; vocab or grammar ? :S

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      Naw~ Thank you ^^
      My advice is go to Talk to Me in Korean. A-maz-ing. Best Korean resource on the net.
      I prefer to work on both vocab and grammar together rather than seperately. 🙂

      My resources list might be helpful also~

      Good luck with your studies!!

  3. angel says:

    Hi. so it’s my first time here in your blog. and I just wanna say that you’re really helpful.:) I’m now Elementary 2 student in Korean Language, and to tell you the truth our teacher surprise us all in the class. coz on elem 1 we still have the rights to talk in english but now it’s strictly prohibited so it’s knida hard to adjust. umm can i ask where should i start my self study on your site? thank you so muccchhh..

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      Glad you’re finding it useful! You aren’t allowed to speak English in class? Oooh that is definitely hard to start with but will pay off in the lond run. My Grammar Guide and Resource List might be a good place to start. I would always recommend to mix it up with your self-study and use a variety of resources to find what works best for you! Good luck~ ^^

  4. Abby says:

    Hi! So this is my first time in your blog and I’m so glad that I’ve found it. Do you think it’s possible to self study the Korean language? Because I am a college student and I don’t have the time to enroll in a Korean language class. During our semestral break, I’ve managed to learn the basics of reading and writing Hangul but then I realized that I would have to memorize the whole Korean dictionary in order to develop conversational skills. What do you suggest I study first? I really really really want to be fluent in Korean :)))) 감사함니다 (I hope I got the right spelling of “Thank you”)

    P.s. I’ve been to :)) It’s a good website! 🙂

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      From Naver:

      물어보다: ask, inquire, question, query, (조회하다) make inquiries (about), refer to, apply to, (확인하다) ascertain (by inquiry)
      묻다: ask, inquire

      Very similar huh? I’ve found that with time, you learn the nuances between words that seem very similar. Example sentences may help to an extent, but often it will take time and perhaps assistance from a native speaker 🙂 Then again, there are many words in English that mean essentially the same thing too!

  5. languagecanbemine says:

    Thank you! This is so useful 🙂 I’m studying them right now. I learned 닫다 pretty fast because at the same time I was looking at a webtoon (though I understand almost nothing) and there was that ad that kept appearing and I had to clic on “닫기” to close the ad…
    Anyway, thank you so much and I love your blog!

  6. malou says:

    Im confused regarding the number
    14. 갖다: to have
    62. 있다: to have
    83. 가지다: to have
    What is the difference between on them?
    Thank you 😊

  7. Anastasia says:

    Why are there 3 different verbs for to have?
    가지다: to have
    갖다: to have
    있다: to have
    What’s the difference?

  8. Malou says:

    I was confuse, what is the difference between
    (묻다: to ask) and
    (물어보다: to ask)
    Also the
    (갖다: to have) and
    (있다: to have)?
    Thanks 😊

  9. Hyuntak Park says:

    i cant believe i found this blog,this is very helpful now i know many verbs.Thank you very very much can you do more.pls

  10. Hyuntak Park says:


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