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Grammar Practice Worksheet #1

Here’s a worksheet to practice three grammar points: 1. V+(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다 ~ I can/can not 2. V+아/어/야 돼요 ~  Have to, should, must 3. V+지 마세요 ~ Stop (do)ing that A pdf version can be found here –> Grammar Practice Worksheet

Grammar Cheat Sheet #2

Second installment of grammar cheat sheet ^^ Find the pdf version here –> Korean Grammar Cheat Sheet #2 and Grammar Cheat Sheet #1 here 😀 Grammar Rule Meaning Example N1의 N2 He in possession of N2 fill position of N1 수지 의 가방이예요 N에서 V In, at, from 커피숍에서 아이들을 봤어요 N이/가 어때요? How about? How is? 일요일 어때요? … Continue reading

Grammar Cheat Sheet #1

I created this when I was studying for my TOPIK exam~~ PDF version: Korean Grammar #1 Grammar Rule Meaning Example V+아/어/여서 Because… 바빠서 지금 갈 수 없어요 +(으)니까 Because (of something) 유리은 한국에서 오래 살았으니까 한국말을 잘 해요 Adj+(으)ㄴ데, V+는데 Continued dialogue 차가 아주 좋은데 아주 비싸요 +러 For the purpose of 친구 를 만나러 나가요 … Continue reading