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Quick Bite — Past/Present/Future in Korean

I’ve started working through Korean Grammar in Use: Intermediate and grammar is explained in both Korean and English, which is great – I’d love to become less reliant on English explanations but not quite ready to take the plunge yet. Here are 3 must know bits of vocab if you’re working toward learning Korean in … Continue reading

Anki Korean Base Vocabulary Deck

For those with Anki (and if you don’t have it, check it out!), I’ve made a deck available for download. To find it go File > Download > Shared Deck and search ‘sydneytoseoul’. It’s ~250 flash cards of basic vocab with pictures rather than English translations (based of the TowerofBabelfish vocab technique). I tried to make the pictures … Continue reading

MasterChef Vocabulary: Noodles & Pasta

I’ve been watching MasterChef Korea and since it’s subtitled in Korean it’s easy to note down and pick up new vocabulary. Here’s some pasta/noodle related vocabulary from one of the challenges ^-^ 소면: plain noodles 냉면: naengmyeon (cold noodles) 우동: udon noodles 쫄면: chewy noodles (similar to 냉면 but chewier) 라면: ramyeon/ramen 멍빈누들: mung bean … Continue reading

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 1-10

My most useful Korean adjectives in basic stem form and in no particular order ~ Without further ado, here’s 1-10: 1. 행복하다: to be happy 2. 기쁘다: to be glad, happy 3. 화나다: to be angry 4. 슬프다: to be sad 5. 아프다: to be sick, painful 6. 피곤하다: to be tired, exhausted 7. 배가 … Continue reading