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Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 81-90

81. 나쁘다: to be bad, poor 82. 딱딱하다: to be hard, stiff 83. 뾰족하다: to be sharp, pointed 84. 부드럽다: to be soft 85. 말랑하다: to be soft, tender, ripe 86. 촉촉하다: to be moist 87. 축축하다: to be damp, clammy, wet 88. 젖다: to get wet, damp 89. 건조하다: to be dry, arid 90. … Continue reading

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 61-70

61.똑똑하다: to be smart, clever 62. 멍청하다: to be stupid, foolish 63. 싸다: to be cheap 64. 비싸다: to be expensive 65. 새롭다: to be new, fresh 66. 오래되다: to be old (regarding objects) 67. 튼튼하다: to be strong, sturdy 68. 씩씩하다: to be brave 69. 약하다: to be weak, feeble 70. 건강하다: to be … Continue reading

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 51-60

51. 어렵다:  to be difficult 52. 쉽다: to be easy 53. 깨끗하다: to be clean 54. 더럽다:  to be dirty 55. 빠르다: to be fast 56. 천천하다: to be slow 57. 느리다: to be slow 58. 급하다: to be urgent 59. 늦다: to be late 60. 이르다: to be early

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 41-50

41. 덥다: to be hot  (regarding weather) 42. 뜨겁다: to be hot (regarding touch, objects) 43. 따뜻하다:  to be warm (regarding both weather and objects) 44. 춥다: to be cold (regarding weather) 45. 차갑다: to be cold, icy, chilly (regarding touch, objects) 46. 싸늘하다: to be chilly, frosty 47. 습하다: to be damp, moist, humid … Continue reading

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 21-30

21. 뜨겁다 to be hot 22. 따뜻하다: to be warm 23. 차갑다: to be cold 24. 시원하다: to be cool, refreshing 25. 신선하다: to be fresh 26. 아름답다: to be beautiful 27. 예쁘다: to be pretty 28. 귀엽다: to be cute 29. 잘생기다: to be good looking 30. 못생기다: to be ugly

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 11-20

11. 무섭다: to be scared 12. 짜증나다: to be annoyed 13. 놀라다: to be surprised 14. 수줍다: to be shy 15. 재미있다: to be interesting 16. 재미없다: to not be interesting 17. 심심하다: to be bored 18. 지루하다: to be boring, dull 19. 조용하다: to be quiet 20. 시끄럽다: to be loud, noisy

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 1-10

My most useful Korean adjectives in basic stem form and in no particular order ~ Without further ado, here’s 1-10: 1. 행복하다: to be happy 2. 기쁘다: to be glad, happy 3. 화나다: to be angry 4. 슬프다: to be sad 5. 아프다: to be sick, painful 6. 피곤하다: to be tired, exhausted 7. 배가 … Continue reading

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Verbs: 91-100

91. 싸우다: to fight 92. 대답하다: to answer 93. 소개하다: to introduce 94. 출발하다: to depart 95. 도착하다: to arrive 96. 벗다: to undress, take off clothes 97. 이기다: to win, defeat 98. 지다: to lose, be defeated 99. 서두르다: to hurry, rush 100. 사랑에 빠지다: to fall in love

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Verbs: 81-90

81. 찾다: to find, to look for 82. 준비하다; to prepare 83. 가지다: to have 84. 기억하다: to remember 85. 꿈꾸다: to dream 86. 시작하다: to start 87. 끝나다: to finish 88. 보내다: to send 89: 사용하다: to use 90: 팔다: to sell