Korean keyboard on Android

I picked up a Samsung tab on my way back to Australia from Incheon duty free (citing the excuse that I needed it for uni 😉 ). Since Samsung is Korean, it came loaded with a brilliant English-Korean dictionary and the Samsung app store has some cute Korean games.  However when I went to type in Hangul on it, I was faced with this ~


and my face went like this O.o

Where were the other vowels? How the heck do I type? My iPhone has a full Hangul keyboard like a computer and I’ve never used a keyboard like this.
So after an initial colour me confused moment, I started playing around. The solution to my vowel problem? See that dot between ㅣ& ㅡ ? That’s the key.
By using  the ‘ᆞ’ in the right combination with theㅣ& ㅡ you can form vowels. For example, the combination of ᆢㅡ will form ㅛ, ㅡᆢ will give ㅠ and so on. Complex vowels are tricky with ㅡᆞᆞㅣ  making ㅝ and ㅣᆞㅣresulting inㅐ.

While it is logical, I can tell it’s going to take me awhile to get used to!


3 thoughts on “Korean keyboard on Android

  1. Julia says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you could probably download a different keyboard from the Google Play Store, if this one isn’t your style. I don’t have a Tab, but I can see why this old school keyboard (I used this type on my non-smartphone in Korea last year) would be useful for tablets. You might also have luck checking your settings, there might be an option for turning it into a qwerty keyboard. And if all of that doesn’t work for you, you could always get a seperate keyboard. Have fun with it! 🙂

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