MasterChef Vocabulary: Noodles & Pasta

I’ve been watching MasterChef Korea and since it’s subtitled in Korean it’s easy to note down and pick up new vocabulary. Here’s some pasta/noodle related vocabulary from one of the challenges ^-^

소면: plain noodles
냉면: naengmyeon (cold noodles)
우동: udon noodles
쫄면: chewy noodles (similar to 냉면 but chewier)
라면: ramyeon/ramen
멍빈누들: mung bean noodles
스파게티: spaghetti
퓨질리: fusilli
라자냐: lasagna
당면: cellophane/glass noodles


2 thoughts on “MasterChef Vocabulary: Noodles & Pasta

  1. vonnu says:

    yay!! would you do one on cooking techniques too? (ie: saute, fry, steam, bake–as verbs and also as adjectives: ie: fry the vegetables,etc)

    i love your wordpress btw, i just found your link through tumblr last night! 😀

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