Cheat Sheet – Greetings and Common Phrases

A cheat sheet for different greetings and phrases commonly used in Korea ^^

A pdf version can be found here–> Cheat Sheet – Korean Greetings and Common Phrases 🙂

안녕하세요? Hello
Sam 입니다 (I) am Sam
제 친구 Sophie 입니다 This is my friend Sophie
Tom 라고 합니다 (I) am Tom
John 이에요. This is John
앉으세요 Please have a seat
안녕히 계세요 Goodbye (to person who is staying)
안녕히 가세요 Goodbye (to person who is going)
어떻게 지내세요? How are you doing?
잘 지냈어요? Have you been well?
괜찮아요 It’s ok
고마워요 Thank you
잠시만요 One moment please
만나서 반갑습니다 It’s nice to meet  you
오래간만이에요. Long time no see
잘 지내요 I’m fine
저기요 Excuse me
또 뵙겠습니다 Hope to see you again
그저 그래요 So-so
죄송합니다 I’m sorry
미안해요 I’m sorry
감사합니다 Thank you

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