V+다고 생각하다 ~ I think V

The basic verb for to think in Korean is 생각하다 . So we can use this verb when we want to express an opinion by using V+다고 생각하다.


비빔밥을 마시있다고 생각해요
I think bibimbap is delicious

좋다고 생각해요
I think it’s good

내 남자친구는 똑똑하다고 생각해요
I think my boyfriend is smart

내일 춥겠다고 생각해요
I think it will be cold tomorrow

수학시험이 어렵겠다고 생각해요
I think the maths exam will be hard


5 thoughts on “V+다고 생각하다 ~ I think V

  1. Mila Sue says:

    When we form some sentence in korean with the verb To think, before 생각해요, we always have to put 고 ?

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