Korean Adverbs – Frequency and Degree


Adverbs are an easy way to add extra information to your sentences. Here are some of the most useful with regard to frequency and degree:

항상, 늘 – always
계속 – continuously
자주, 흔히 – frequently
보통, 대개 – usually
가끔, 때로는 – sometimes
종종, 때때로 – occasionally
좀처럼 – seldom
드물게 – rarely
결코, 절대 – never

아주, 대단히, 매우, 상당히 – very
굉장히 – very much
완전히 – perfectly
단순히 – simply
엄청 – enormously
볼과 – only
마구 – at random (also: severely, violently)
절대로 – absolutely, completely


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