Korean Past/Present/Future Tenses Practice

Need to practice alternating between past, present and future tenses in Korean? Here’s a worksheet for you to practice 🙂

 A pdf version can be found here –> Korean tenses practice worksheet

Verbs included:

  • 사다: To buy
  • 전화하다: To call
  • 청소하다: To clean
  • 오다: To come
  • 하다: To do
  • 마시다: To drink
  • 먹다: To eat
  • 가다: To go
  • 듣다: To listen
  • 결혼하다: To marry
  • 만나다: To meet
  • 주문하다: To order
  • 읽다: To read
  • 쉬다: To rest
  • 자다: To sleep
  • 일어나다: To get up
  • 공부하다: To study
  • 말다: To speak
  • 보다: To watch
  • 쓰다: To write

14 thoughts on “Korean Past/Present/Future Tenses Practice

  1. Hyuntak Park says:

    this blog has everything thank you very much i’ve been searching this in youtube and i cannot find anything
    thank you sososos much

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