Problematic Pronunciation

Generally I don’t run into any problems with pronunciation in Korean, however last month I hit a couple of stumbling blocks with some (almost) homophones.

까치 (magpie) / 같이 (together)

운행 (service/transit) / 은행 (bank)

In order to distinguish these pairs, I really have to concentrate and think about how I am enunciating the words. Argh!

Do you know any more pairs of Korean words like this? I’m sure there are hundreds!


4 thoughts on “Problematic Pronunciation

  1. myagoingabroad says:

    These are a couple of what sounds almost the same for me so I have to strain to distinguish them correctly LOL.

    1. 아빠 (dad)/아파 (hurt)
    2. 웃어 (laugh)/ 우선 (first)
    3, 발 (foot) /팔 (arm)
    4. 우산 (umbrella)/ 우상 (idol)

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