Korean Resource Review: Korean Grammar in Use

Say hello to my new favourite grammar textbook.

When browsing for textbooks while in Korea, I specifically was looking to find a grammar book which would explain points in detail, as I could never find really great explanations on the internet or in the textbooks which I already had.

Enter ‘Korean Grammar in Use‘. My prayers had been answered.

These books are nothing short of amazing.

Example sentences using the grammar point? Check.
Brilliant in-depth explanation of the grammar point? Double Check.
Real-life application examples? Check.
As I said, awesome.

Each unit also comes which an exercise and a dialogue recorded on the CD. My favourite part is the inclusion of explanations of the difference between words and grammar structure which may seem similar to Korean learners, which I’ve found really informative. The books also introduce many of the grammar structures which appear in the TOPIK exams too.

All in all these books are a Korean learners dream. They’re well-set out, colourful and the content is great. I’ll definitely be buying the Advanced copy when I reach that level.

Rating: 5/5


32 thoughts on “Korean Resource Review: Korean Grammar in Use

      • Danielle Vale (@danimura) says:

        Hello~ ^^ Did you bought them online? Do you know if they ship overseas? I live in Brazil and I hardly see any Korean language learning material in Portuguese to buy so my only choice is to learn through books/ebooks. I tried to search for books with reasonable prices in sites such as Amazon but it’s kinda expensive… I think it would be cheaper if got them directly from South Korea, don’t you think? Thanks!

      • sydneytoseoul says:

        I bought mine while in Seoul~
        This book seems to costs about 40,000 won online, you could try hanbooks or Gmarket perhaps? If you’re really game you could buy from Kyobo Bookstore which will be the cheapsest, however the website’s entirely in Korean.
        If books are out of you price range though, you can still access tonnes of resources online, make sure you check out my listing πŸ™‚

  1. Julia says:

    I have these as well! They’re amazing, aren’t they? I finished the first book earlier this year and I’m halfway through the intermediate one now, but I’ve put my textbook studies on hold for the Potter book at the moment. I plan to finish it before the year ends though. I can only hope that they’ll release an advanced version soon. ^^

      • Julia says:

        Yes, I am. ^^
        I’m reading chapter 2 at the moment and so far it’s been quite difficult, but certainly very interesting and much more enjoyable than the type of reading exercises that one tends to find in textbooks.

      • sydneytoseoul says:

        I agree, I’m almost finished chapter 1. It is slow going but it’s so exciting when you understand a passage without looking anything up. γ…‹γ…‹ ^^ Definitely more interesting than testbook reading passages!

      • Julia says:

        *nod* quite possibly one of the best feelings, ever! I hope you’ll keep us updated on your progress with the books! ^^

  2. finn says:

    omg !! these are awesome. In my country this kinda books are not available the best I could find was a basic book which costed 30 euro (45 won) and it could only help me 2 weeks or something 😦

    I want to order them but I have no idea if they are shipping worldwide ? any idea ?!
    can you pls help me ?

  3. finn says:

    I ve received this book now by a friend as present but Iam wondering I couldnt find a vocabulary section ?
    is there no vocabulary part?

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      No actually, I don’t think there is, probably because the focus is on grammar for this book rather than learning vocab.

  4. renniski says:

    Hello there ! First of all thank you for the review and the pictures ! It’s really useful to see those !! I would really like to buy this book but I’m wondering if this website (http://www.language.berkeley.edu/korean/10/index_pattern_grammar/index.htm) is enough for the grammar explanations ? Would you tell me if grammar in use has more in depth grammar explanation than this website please~ ? The book is a bit expensive to order online that’s why T_T Thank you !!!!

  5. Paul says:

    Hello there! Found your blog by complete randomness today. I’ve lived in Korea a few years and finally decided to learn Korean for real. Strangely enough, I just bought “Korean Grammar in Use” two days ago and I think it’s probably the best Korean grammar book I’ve seen out there.
    May I ask how long you’ve been studying Korean?

    • sydneytoseoul says:


      I’ve been learning on-and-off for about 3-4 years now and out of all the resources I’ve come across, I have to agree with you this is one of the best!

      Definitely make the most out of learning the language within Korea, immersion in your target language is something a lot of people wish they had!

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