Korean Resource Review: Modern Korean – An Intermediate Reader

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new contender for best Korean textbook, possibly knocking Korean Grammar in Use off its pedestal. While browsing my university library collection of Korean resources I hit the jackpot – Modern Korean: An Intermediate Reader by Nam-Kil Kim.


Modern Korean is the ideal textbook for intermediate learners, divided into 2 sections with 12 chapters each. If have completed Level 1 and 2 TOPIK, this book should be great for your level.

Chapters begin with a reading passage, followed by notes on the dialogue,  featured vocabulary, grammatical patterns and a glossary. The exercises are extensive – substitution and grammar drills, comprehension questions, translations and more. I particularly love the inclusion of translation exercises – they are not included often in Korean textbooks despite being a useful exercise.

Modern Korean 2


Another great feature of this book is the inclusion of 한자 in the second half. Like translation exercises, I don’t often see these in other textbooks.

Modern Korean 1

Overall, I’m very happy with this find – if I see in a bookstore I’ll definitely be buying it. But for now I’ll keep renewing my library loan! My only small complaint would be that some of the passage are a little dry for my taste, but the example sentences are more interesting.

Rating: 5/5

Modern Korean: An Intermediate Reader, Nam-Kil Kim
ISBN-10: 0824822226 | ISBN-13: 978-0824822224


10 thoughts on “Korean Resource Review: Modern Korean – An Intermediate Reader

  1. seoulinme says:

    I’m creating a list of textbooks to buy at the end of the month ~ and if this could knock Korean Grammar In Use into the dust then I need it 100% and also I have been looking to “read” more and not be lazy all the time (its my weakness) so I will be getting this indefinitely 🙂 thank you Z ^^

  2. Hana S says:

    This looks amazing!! Thank you so much for the reveiw!! I just placed an order for this book right now!! This looks like the Integrated korean textbooks that i use at home

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