Happy New Year & Favourite Posts of 2013

Happy New Year everyone! 새해 복 많이 받으세요~ May this new year be bigger and better than the last!

Here are the top 10 posts of the last year:

  1. Top 100 Most Useful Korean Verbs: Full List
  2. Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: Full List
  3. Korean Grammar Guide
  4. Korean Past/Present/Future Tenses Practice
  5. PDF versions of Top 100 Verbs and Adjectives
  6. Resource List
  7. Beginner TOPIK Grammar Essentials
  8. Grammar Cheat Sheet #1
  9. Korean Resource Review: Korean Grammar in Use
  10. A+(으)ㄴ가 보다, V+나 보다 ~ It seems…

And a few of my favourite posts from 2013:

  1. Problematic Pronunciation
  2. Lexical Borrowings from English in Konglish
  3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Start Comparing to Your Past Self

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year & Favourite Posts of 2013

  1. koreanlearner says:

    Thank you for your posts throughout 2013 🙂 I hope we also get to hear a bit more about your studies in 2014? Your notes are always so clear – I was even able to visualise one of your grammar posts during the TOPIK in April 🙂

  2. jeremy beasley says:

    Stumbled upon this post from my Twitter feed. I’m a new to your blog. Thanks for these great posts. I’ve only made it through the first few and I’m excited to get through the rest. They should come in handy when I take the TOPIK in April.

    Thanks so much, Z!

    Looking forward to more from this blog in 2014. Keep up the good work.

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