Characteristics of successful language learners

I borrowed a couple of books the other day on language learning stragies and have just finished “Learning Strategies in Foreign and Second Language Classrooms: The Role of Learner Strategies” by Ernesto Macaro, which was a very interesting ย and useful read. It noted many effective language learning strategies and other useful info which I’ll share some of over the next few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to apply what I’ve learnt to my own studies, and maybe it’ll be useful for others too~ ๐Ÿ™‚

The book discussed the factors highly academic learners attributed their success in language to, which was taken from a study described in the book “The Good Language Learner”:

1. Taking an active approach to tasks: Successful language learners note they respond positively to opportunities to expand their language knowledge and make the most of these opportunities.

2. Treating language as a system: This referred to learners making comparisons between their native language and the target language, and also making inferences using their knowledge of structures and rules.

3. Treating language also as a means of communication: The book provides the example that in the early stages of learning a focus should be placed on fluency and communication over accuracy

4. Managing the demands of language learning: Referring to the overcoming of inhibitions and shyness when speaking your target language. It’s important to note that making mistakes is a natural process of learning, so don’t be afraid to have a go!

5. Monitoring their performance: Successful learners consistently monitor and evalutate their work, this way you can recognise and correct mistakes.

Do you share these characteristics of successful learners?


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