Strategies to commit new vocabulary to memory

Continuing on from my previous post about language learners and learning strategies, here are some ideas for remembering new vocabulary inspired by “Learning Strategies in Foreign and Second Language Classrooms: The Role of Learner Strategies” by Ernesto Macaro

  1. Practise saying new vocabulary out loud,  which helps you remember but also assists with pronunciation
  2. Make or use songs, rhymes or mnemonics, such as my favourite: 곰 세마리 ^-^
  3. Find a system which suits you, such as Look/Cover/Say/Write/Check
  4. Make mental assocations for difficult words
  5. Act out dialogues or situations 
  6. Repeat words when you hear them
  7. Do silent practice, for example if you taking a language class you could answer the other students questions in your head
  8. Make a note of new words and put them in context – I try to write the new word down along with its definition and then in a sentence
  9. Consider using a spaced repetition system like Anki. These systems are based on the ‘spacing effect’, which is the understanding that we more easily remember lists or vocabulary if studied a few times over a long time period as opposed to learning it once in a short time period

What are your strategies for remembering vocabulary?


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