Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 41-50

41. 덥다: to be hot  (regarding weather)
42. 뜨겁다: to be hot (regarding touch, objects)
43. 따뜻하다:  to be warm (regarding both weather and objects)
44. 춥다: to be cold (regarding weather)
45. 차갑다: to be cold, icy, chilly (regarding touch, objects)
46. 싸늘하다: to be chilly, frosty
47. 습하다: to be damp, moist, humid
48. 건조하다: to be dry
49. 흐리다: to be cloudy
50. 좋다: to be good, fine


2 thoughts on “Top 100 Most Useful Korean Adjectives: 41-50

  1. TheZingR says:

    I happened upon your blog through following the “Language” topic on WordPress, and even though I don’t study Korean (I actually don’t know a word. *sheepish smile*), I’m blown away by your blog. I’m new to both blogging and formally learning a language, so I’m especially happy to find sources of inspiration. I love the 100 lists, and am now thinking about putting some together in Mandarin. Will keep exploring your blog, and maybe even pick up some Korean through osmosis. 😀

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      Don’t be silly, I love browsing blogs of languages I’m not studying either ^^ Just as you said, even though they might be learning a different language, you can still learn from them. Good luck with your Mandarin studies!! 😀

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