Going to the Baseball in South Korea

Baseball 1

Seeing a baseball game in Seoul is something I’ve been wanting to do since our first trip to Korea and we finally did it! We ended up seeing a Saturday night game – Doosan Bears vs Kia Tigers – at Jamsil Stadium. Tickets are as cheap as chips, starting at less than ₩10,000. We ended up buying table seats, which were around ₩40,000 each, and, as the name implies, you get a table (4 seats/table). You can bring whatever food you like into the stadium and even order to your table if you have the table seat!

Baseball 2

The atmosphere was amazing! If you go, make sure to get some of those blow up baton things so you can cheer along with the crowd, who yell no-stop while their team is batting. Each player has an individual cheer, which is usually easy to pick up. Often it will be just their name (so just look at the scoreboard for it) with additions such as 홈런 (home run) or 안타 (hit).

Baseball 3

If you want to see a game and don’t have a Korean speaking friend to help out, your best bet is seeing a Doosan Bears or LG Twins home game at Jamsil Baseball Stadium which is at the Sports Complex (종합운동장) station on line 2, exit 5 or 6. The baseball season is from around April to October each year.

The Doosan Bears website is viewable in English, so you can check out the schedule for home games. The LG Twins website however seems only to be in Korean, so you need to look at the 경기일정 (Game schedule) for those at 잠실야구장 (Jamsil Baseball Stadium).

Tickets are able to be purchased at the stadium from 2 hours prior to game time. Be warned that games do get postponed/cancelled due to heavy rain, so if the weather is terrible outside, maybe pick another day rather than wait around like we did the day before only for a game to be cancelled!

And finally a quick video to give you an idea of the atmosphere!


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