Dreaming in Korean

Do you ever dream in Korean or in another foreign language?

I often dream about speaking Korean, often at a level much higher than that I can do while conscious. Perhaps it is because in dreams we are uninhibited and our level of understanding is much higher than we realise?  There doesn’t appear to be any scientific consensus on dreaming and language learning, but I like my theory – I just wish I could replicate it while awake!


What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Dreaming in Korean

  1. stephdrynan says:

    I like your theory. Our receptive skills far outpace our reproductive ones, and we get to have fun with it in our dream state! We know so much more than we realize?

    Like you, when I lived in Korea my dreams in Korean were also much more advanced grammatically than while awake, and my lexical range was fab! Have you ever dreamt in languages you are not studying or surrounded by?

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      I agree, our brains certainly can do amazing things! Too bad we can’t fully understand their potential yet.

      I’ve studied German and Polish in the past, but don’t ever recall dreaming in them. Maybe I dream in Korean since it has become so ingrained into my life compared to other languages. Hmmm…dreams are mysterious things!

  2. Autonomous Korean says:

    I’ve dreamed in Korean, especially after I’ve focused a lot on the language, or have used it a lot. Actually, I remember doing so more earlier in my studies than now, but I just may not remember it as often now.
    It does seem like we’re speaking the language much better in our sleep, but I tend to think it’s because we don’t really evaluate ourselves very critically when sleeping – we imagine ourselves to be speaking much better than we actually are! What we’re actually saying might not make much sense at all, really, but we wouldn’t know it because we’re dreaming. After all, even in our first language, if someone overhears someone speaking while they’re dreaming, it often doesn’t make much sense to the person who’s awake!

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      That certainly could be the case – how often do we dream of ludicrous things but only realise quite how ludicrous they are until we wake up?

      I suspect I tend to dream more about Korean when I’ve been regularly studying it or what not. Perhaps the dream is simply a reflection of what has been on our minds? So many questions without answers! ^^

  3. lee jinyoung says:

    Yes you may be true but for me it is just because our minds believe it to be true making it like we understand the other language well. It is probably wrong but we believe it to be correct when we are dreaming.

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