Korean Fashion | Bean Pole

Korean fashion is unique, beautiful and sometimes just plain awesome. I’m not the biggest shopper, but whenever I take a trip to Korea, most of my luggage space on the way home is taken up by clothes and hand bags! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite Korean brands with you, so we can collectively wish we had more money in the bank for shopping trips!

I had to start off with one of my absolute favourites — Bean Pole. When I first came across it, I thought the name was a little funny given that it’s used as an insult in English, but the gorgeous styling and quality won me over completely.



They do great classic and basic pieces with a Korean-style twist. (Sigh… Australian wet weather gear is relatively ugly, but this mustard yellow coat would make me wish it was raining so I could wear it!)

Their bags are amazing~~ 남자친구 has a couple of their bags and when I saw this forest backpack in their lookbook, I knew I just had to have it! We literally went to 3 different department stores in Seoul to find a Bean Pole which had it in stock, before the MyeongDong store ordered it in especially for me! ^^


Most Korean brands also have camping specific fashion lines which are just as lovely as the rest of their lines. (Not that Korean camping sounds at all similar to the Australian version of camping! I certainly did not look this fashionable on my Duke of Edinburgh expedition trips…I usually came out the other end of a trip with sticks and leaves in my hair and in desperate need of running water!)

Are you a Bean Pole fan like me? Or has another Korean brand caught your eye?


2 thoughts on “Korean Fashion | Bean Pole

  1. HTC One says:

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