Studying Linguistics

Chose a linguistics unit as an elective for my (last!!) semester of uni, which starts today — never been so excited before to study a unit!

Have you studied linguistics formally before? Any tips or good resources?


8 thoughts on “Studying Linguistics

  1. Mangue Rouge says:

    Yes, been there, done that and it’s quite bothersome and funny at the same time. Actually semantics and syntax are to harder to overcome but if you understand the general rule and the exceptions it will be definitely easy. By the way since I havn’t been following the blog lastly, for which language is it? English, Korean (gladly french?)

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      Korean it is ^^ I have a French textbook tucked away at home though which I want study sometime as well~!

      Syntax and semantics sound the most difficult, never studied anything like that before. Hopefully will be interesting though!

  2. Mya Terreforte says:

    I’m currently taking one (Hispano American Spanish Linguistics). I think it depends on whether it’s an introduction or focused like mine. It is mostly covered a bit of the evolution of the language (in all it’s forms) and it’s current particularities (like dialects) but it really depends on the professor.I can assure that you’ll have lots of fun and actually learn a lot (it’ll help even further your fluency on the language).

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      Hispano American Spanish Linguistics sounds so interesting!
      The unit is just an introduction unit, from what I read it sounds like what you mentioned regarding evolution of language, dialects, etc. Thanks for your comment — hearing about other people’s positive experience makes me even more excited! 😀

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