Hobbies | 취미

What are your hobbies outside studying Korean?

내 정원가꾸기를 좋아해요 ^^

I’m not the greatest gardener, but I try!
One of my dreams is to have a big garden with veges, fruits and chickens — not possible at the moment with a balcony, but one day!





여러분은 취미가 뭐예요?


4 thoughts on “Hobbies | 취미

  1. koreanlearner says:

    Those pictures are really nice 🙂
    I love gardening too! About growing vegies, last year I tried growing potatoes and peas in pots thinking that the plants won’t know the difference if the pot is big enough so that they have space. It actually worked out pretty well, but I was a little late with the potatoes so this year I will put them in earlier. Of course it depends on how big your balcony is if you can do the same 🙂

      • koreanlearner says:

        Homegrown vegetables are so tasty 🙂 it really makes a difference that they are ripe when you take them from your garden compared to them being harvested before they are ready because of transportation concerns. You should upload pictures of your harvest in the fall 😀
        To answer your original question: 제 취미는 유도예요. 아직 잘 못하지만 정말 좋아해요 🙂

      • sydneytoseoul says:

        Definitely — although I don’t get many strawberries, the ones I do grow taste AMAZING compared to the shops, they’re ridiculously juicy! Going home grown and organic definitely makes a difference.
        유도? 와~~~ 열심히연습해요 ^^

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