Describing nouns with verbs

To use verbs to describe nouns, we alter the verb stem accordingly:

Present tense: V+는 N
Past tense: V+(으)ㄴ N
Future tense: V+(으)ㄹ N

제가 먹는 음식이에요.
It’s food that I’m eating.

제가 먹은 음식이에요.
It’s food that I’ve eaten.

제가 먹을 음식이에요.
It’s food that I will eat.

어제 본 영화를 다시 보고 싶어요.
I want to watch the movie I saw yesterday again.

공부한 외국어를 아주 어려웠어요.
The foreign language I was studying was very difficult.


2 thoughts on “Describing nouns with verbs

  1. David Hutchinson says:

    And don’t forget the retrospective / past continuous participle: V+던 N, for something that was done continually in the past, or with stative verbs like 앉다, 있다.

    제가 먹던 음식이에요.
    It’s the food I was eating.

    내가 찾고 있던 책.
    The book I was looking for.

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