A/V+(으)ㄹ테니까 ~ suggestion and reasoning

This expresses the speaker’s intention or conjection. Can be used to express an intended action and then request something from the listener.

Alternatively, the 2nd clause provides suggestion/advice, the 1st the reason for such advice.

커피는 많이 마셨을테니까 물 드릴게요.
I’ve drunk a lot of coffee so give me some water please.

이따가 갈테니까 조금만 기다려 주세요.
We’ll go after awhile so please wait just a little bit.

지하철은 복잡할테니까 택시 타고 가요.
The subway is congested so lets take a taxi.

요금 망고 철이라 망고가 싸고 맛있을 테니까 망고를 사 가요.
Since it’s mango seson now, mangoes should be cheap and tasty, so let’s buy some mangoes.


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