TOPIK Study Cramming Tips

If you’re like me, it’s the middle of the semester and you’ve got what feels like a million things going on at once. A truckload of assessments, work, study, life, etc. And suddenly you realise that the TOPIK exam is in 3 days (!) and you haven’t done anything in the way of study. What’s a person to do? Cram!

Here are a few of the tips that I’m going to be making the most of leading up to the exam:

1. Past papers. If you haven’t done the exam before you’re going to need to get used to the format and style for one, but also use the exam to figure out your weak points. Where are you letting go of easy marks? What section do you have the most trouble with?

2. Focus on your weaknesses. No point doing hundreds of vocabulary questions when you have the memory of an elephant when it comes to Korean vocab. Spend your time where you are struggling. For example, I’m quite confident with the listening and vocab/grammar sections of the paper, and while the reading section is okay, I tend to fall down in the writing section. So writing is what I will concentrate my study on! ^^

3. Write out a few practice essay. Try a few past writing questions and get them corrected, whether by a friend or a site like lang-8. From these you may pick out the mistakes you tend to make so you can correct them for the future.

4. Find patterns.  What questions are typically asked? Which grammar points and vocabulary comes up each year? If something has been consistently tested each year in the past, it’s likely it will come up again so make sure you are confident with these questions.

5. Make sure you understand the questions. The questions are in Korean, so make sure you know what they are asking!

6. Make a list of common vocab and grammar. You can use these for your revision. My grammar cheat sheets can be found here (I, II, III), they contain many common grammar points which consistently come up in the Beginners exam.

7. Relax!  Be confident in your abilities. With only a few days til the exam there is no use in getting stressed out. By maintaining a positive and confident attitude you are sure to perform at the best of your ability!

Good luck!!


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