Cheong Chun Cat Cafe in HongDae

Formally known as GioCat, Cheong Chun Cat Cafe is tucked away in the HongDae area. For 8000₩ per person (which includes a drink), you can spend an hour or two playing with some of the resident cats.

Directions: Take the subway to Sangsu station on line 6. Go out at exit 1 and do a 180 degree turn. Walk along the left hand side footpath of the road you are now facing. As you walk you’ll cross at one set of lights. On your left you’ll come to a park at the top of a set of stairs. Take the stairs up and walk across the park. Between Smoothie King and a Ho Bar is an alley way, and at the end of the alley is the entrance to the stairwell which leads up to the cafe which is on the 3rd floor.

When you get into the cafe, a staff member will greet you and get you to first santitise your hands, put your shoes in a locker and give you some slippers. You’ll then go into the main section where the cats are to pay the admission fee, order your drinks and put your bags in a locker. Then you’re free to play~ ^^ There’s also some basic rules like don’t use flash photography, don’t annoy sleeping cats and don’t be rough with the cats around etc. There’s some cat toys you can use and some rugs to put on your lap so that cats can come and sit on you.

When you’ve finished, there’s some lint rollers you can use to get the cat hair off your clothes and some Frebreze to eliminate any cat smell.

The cafe’s website is and note that it doesn’t open until 1pm on weekdays and 12pm on weekends. (Most of HongDae shops also don’t open until later in the day). We went on a Friday around 5 pm and there wasn’t many people in the cafe, so it’s probably best to come during the week to avoid the crowd.

Hope you enjoy your trip the cafe~ Definitely a must do ^^


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