7 thoughts on “죠스 떡볶이 ~ Jaws Ddukbokki

      • OMG!! You were tricked into eating it?? 헐.. 안타깝네요. :3
        힘내세요! ^^ Who tricked you into eating it? :3 So… you eat it even now?? It’s that good?! 0.0.. It doesn’t taste bad?? Doesn’t it taste of blood?? Thank God I never ate it when I was in Korea.. I’d be scared. :3

      • ㅋㅋㅋ
        남자친구, who said 손대 is no longer made with offal, but it is >-<
        It tastes nice ^^ not like blood or anything, more like the noodles that are inside it.
        Next time you have 떡볶이 have a try, you might be surprised ^^

      • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 그렇군요~.. ㅋㅋ Aww hush :3.. Ahh, oh I see.. right they have cellophane noodles inside too, right?🙂 Okay.. next time I have 떡볶이 I shall try 순대. :)… *nervous* :3

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