V+(으)ㄹ까 하다 ~ thinking about (do)ing

V+(으)ㄹ까 하다 can be used to express “thinking about (do)ing”, and is similar to V+(으)려고 하다, however the latter has a stronger interntion.

내일 쇼핑할까 해요
I’m thinking about shopping tomorrow

난 일본을 배울까 해요
I’m thinking about learning Japanese

카메라 살까 해요
I’m thinking about buying a camera


3 thoughts on “V+(으)ㄹ까 하다 ~ thinking about (do)ing

  1. Ola says:

    My name is Ola and I’m also learning Korean.
    I’m just working on a little project: http://www.topikguide.com/ has published a post with a TOPIK Grammar List – Beginner Level, and I’m just adding some explanations and examples. Just wanted to ask you if you won’t mind me adding your examples to this file, as they are the best I found.
    I can send you a file once it’s ready.
    Thanks in advance.

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