Buying a Korean-English Dictionary

An ask I recieved on my sydney to seoul tumblr~ 

안녕하세요~ 😀

Firstly I’d recommend getting a Korean published dictionary as opposed to one made by an American/UK/English speaking publisher. I have a Collins mini English-Korean dictionary, and while I wasn’t expecting it to be brilliant in the first place, I was still rather disappointed, it’s very very limited and not very good…

I use Dong-A’s Metro English-Korean Korean-English Dictionary which I like, although I’m sure there is other great ones out there ^-^ However — looking on the net my dictionary appears rather expensive O.o I got mine in Korea for about 20,000 won but it seems to be $40+ on the net. But I believe Dong-A is a quality brand.

If you’ve got any Korean bookstores nearby it’s definitely worth checking them out and asking the shopkeeper their advice 🙂

Followers — Any dictionary recommendations?

What dictionary do you use readers?


2 thoughts on “Buying a Korean-English Dictionary

  1. Scott 지훈 Lavigne says:

    Get a smart phone and use the naver app to use the englsih korean dictionary there. I you’re on a computer use the naver dictionary at

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