Beginner TOPIK Practice #2

Continuing with questions from past beginner (초급) papers ^^

From the Vocabulary and Grammar (어휘 및 문법) Section of the 21st TOPIK paper:

와 같이 밑줄 친 부분과 반대되는 뜻을 가진 것을 고르십시오.

Question: Choose the word with the opposite meaning to the word underlined

가: 영화가 재미있어요?
나: 아니요, (    ).
① 나빠요
② 비싸요
③ 어려워요
④ 재미없어요

가: 가방이 책상 위에 있어요?
나: 아니요, 책상 (     )에 있어요.
① 옆
② 뒤
③ 아래
④ 사이

가: 에어컨을 껐어요?
나: 네. 더우시면 다시 (    )?

① 살까요
② 켤까요
③ 열까요
④ 쉴까요

Q3 (4)

나쁘다 – to be bad
비싸다 –  to be expensive
어렵다 – to be hard
재미없다 –  to be uninteresting

Q4 (3)

See this post for spatial vocabulary

Q5 (2)

끄다 – to turn off
켜다 – to turn on
열다  – to open
쉬다 – to rest

How’d you go? ^_^


One thought on “Beginner TOPIK Practice #2

  1. Maria says:

    Annyeonghaseyo, I just find you’re blog, it’s so daebak!! Gamsahapnida for your ilhada, it’s very’s more harder than I thought studying korean. Hope to improve as soon as possible. I just wanted to thank you.

    Gamsahapnida, annyeonghaseyo 🙂

    Joesonghapnida for any silsu

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