Keeping Your Language Studies A Priority When Life Gets Busy

Things are getting hectic lately – university assignment due dates are creeping closer every day, juggling multiple part time jobs, trying to stay on top of my uni studies – studying Korean has fallen off my to-do list as of late. This got my thinking ~ how do you avoid dropping the ball with your language studies, particularly when it feels like you just don’t have time for it?

My first strategy is to enrol in a Korean class – I’m currently attending a 2hr/week community college Korean class, so while I don’t do a lot of study outside the class, it guarantees I do at least a little Korean work each week. It keeps me thinking about the language and I still learnt a few new things each week.

Another strategy I use it to stick post-it notes or flash cards with vocabulary on them around the house – so then each morning and night while I’m brushing my teeth or washing the dishes I can have a look over them and revise some vocab.  While its not a great way to learn a lot of vocab quickly, it keeps me thinking about Korean – and I’ll always remember 초대 means invitation after looking at it every morning for 3 weeks!

Alternatively you could ensure you allocate just 5 or 10 minutes each day just to review your past notes, or learn a new word. My next challenge is to learn a new word each day and note it down along with its definition and some example sentences.

Finally, regardless of how busy I am, I usually have time to watch an episode of Running Man each week, watch some new Kpop MV’s or read the latest Korean entertainment gossip (ㅋㅋ). It keeps me motivated and interested in both the language and culture, and thus I’m more likely to make time for my studies since I enjoy it 😉

Essentially, the point is to keep the language in the front of your mind, because if you let it go for a few weeks it’ll be harder to get back on track later on.

What are you strategies for making you language studies a priority when life starts to get in the way?


4 thoughts on “Keeping Your Language Studies A Priority When Life Gets Busy

  1. alodia says:

    Since I don’t have problems when it comes to sustaining my interest in Korea, even if there are times (like now!) when I have too much other things to do, I can’t study Korean as much as I want to. I don’t have flashcards nor post-its but I have notes I carry around with me so that I can read them when I have some lull time (like on the bus or while eating lunch in the cafeteria or waiting for professors to arrive). I also have my customized audio lessons (not the book supplement lessons, rather drama audios I clipped and compile together) that I listen to, instead of music. Of course, progress is way slower this way, but at least it’s not completely abandoning Korean and I don’t feel lost when I eventually have time to pick my textbooks and lessons up again. Oh, and did I mention fangirling? Definitely helpful for me. Because even on the busiest day, I can’t resist not checking news or tweets or forum boards or dramas of my fave actor!

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