Practicing Your Korean Writing Skills

Thought I’d share a technique from my 선생님 to help with writing skills ^^

Each week we are given a topic to write 3-5 sentences on, thinking about the following questions –

  • Who – 누가
  • When – 언제
  • Where – 어디서
  • What – 무엇을
  • How – 어떻게
  • Why – 왜

For some examples you can see my paragraphs on Family and Health.

When writing my paragraphs, I try not to limit myself to vocabulary I already know, instead looking up new vocab on Naver to put in and try to practice some new grammar points. After I’ve completed my paragraph, I’ll list the new vocab and grammar points to try and reinforce them in my brain ^_^

In class we read out our paragraphs to the rest of the class to help with our Korean speaking skills, but you could also just read aloud or perhaps record yourself.

Here’s some topic ideas to get you started ~~

  1. Family (가족)
  2. Sports (운동)
  3. Health (건강)
  4. Movies (영화)
  5. Weather (날씨)
  6. Food (음식)
  7. Shopping (쇼핑)

5 thoughts on “Practicing Your Korean Writing Skills

  1. TOPIK Geeks says:

    Such a simple but great idea! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    For me I was doing something a little similar – punching out practice paragraphs on There are lots of Korean people on there trying to practice English so they are more than happy to help correct your Korean paragraphs (with instructions) every day :O!

    However, the idea of reading out the paragraph makes a lot of sense 🙂 good way to practice speaking skills – especially in front of other people!

    Thanks again!

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