Reading Practice – Health (건강)

내 건강 상태는 정상이예요.

그러나 15살 때 너무 아팠어요.

언젠가 학교에서 구금차로 병원에 가고 맹장 수술했어요.

지금은 배에 작은 흉터가 있어요.

Did you understand?


My health condition is normal.

But when I was 15 I was very sick.

One day at school I got taken to the hospital by ambulance and had an appendectomy.

Now I have a small scar on my stomach.

Grammar and Vocabulary Points
건강 상태 – health condition
흉터 – scar
맹장 – appendix
수술하다 – to have surgery
병원에 가맹장 수술했어요- V+고 
언젠가 – someday
작은 흉터가 있어요- small (Constructing adjectives)


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