Korean Resource Review: Arirang Korean Basics 1

Arirang Korean Basics 1 was my first Korean textbook I got and used to self-study, and its quite a good one ^^
Korean Basics 1 is broken up into 65 units (2-3 pages each), each with a dialogue, key vocabulary, grammar focus points, revision practice and an insight into Korean culture, such as historical figures, Korean food and modern Korea.

The dialogues are realistic and useful, and the pronunciation for difficult vocabulary is provided. My favourite part of the book is the grammar section – the points are explained well and have good examples.  The book also comes with a CD which reads out the dialogues – while it’s nice to hear them out loud, each track is only ~20sec long and almost half of that is the intro music :-/

Korean Basics 1 is ideal for a beginner who has mastered Hangul, and a great introduction to Korean grammar – and for ₩12,000 is a good price too ^^

Arirang Korean Basics 1 ~ Language Education Institute Seoul National University and ‘Let’s Speak Korean’
Rating: 4/5


5 thoughts on “Korean Resource Review: Arirang Korean Basics 1

  1. 3jay says:

    The ‘Let’s Speak Korean’ videos which can be found on youtube, I feel they would go in tandem with this book as the host on the cover and the show are the same. This series is excellent for beginners cause they help you with your pronunciation and that is the major block in learning Korean.

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      My boyfriends’s brother brought it from Korea from me actually ^-^
      You could try Korean bookshops if you have them in your country or online maybe?

      Online it can be found at Hanbooks or on Gmarket. 🙂

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