V+고 ~ And (connecting two verbs)

V+고 can be used as ‘and’ or ‘and then’ to connect two verbs.Note that the tense is indicated in the final clause, so +고 is simply added to the verb stem.

지효씨를 만나고 한국음식을 같이 먹었어요
I met Jihyo and we ate Korean food together

텔레비전을 보고, 공부하고, 운동했어요
I watched television, studied and then exercised

일월에는 한국에 가고 이월에는 싱가포르에 갈 거예요
In January I’m going to Korean and then in February I’m going to Singapore


3 thoughts on “V+고 ~ And (connecting two verbs)

  1. 風之鈴 says:

    텔레비전을보고, 공부하고, 운동했어요.請問前面都是用現在式,終結詞尾卻是用過去式呢?能否指膽迷津~~

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