V+(으)려고 하다 ~ Intending to…

We can use V+(으)려고 하다 to express an intention.

카메라를 사려고 해요
I intend to buy a camera

내일 친구를 만나려고 해요
I’m going to meet my friend tomorrow

폴란드어를 공부 하려고 해요
I plan on studying Polish


6 thoughts on “V+(으)려고 하다 ~ Intending to…

  1. Mina says:

    Hey =)
    I just wanted to point out some mistakes you made in this lesson
    카메라 사려고 해요.
    It has to be : 카메라를 사려고 해요
    내일 친구을 만나려고 해요
    Here since 친구을 ends in a vowel its also supposed to be
    Much fun while learnign korean 🙂

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