N+을/를 알고 있어요? ~ Do you know?

By using “Noun+을/를 알고 있어요?”, we can ask if someone knows about the subject of the sentence ~

요리법을 알고 있어요? Do you know the recipe?

저 남자를 알고 있어요? Do you know that man?

답을 알고 있습니까? Do you know the answer?

그 이야기를 알고 있어요? Do you know the story?


3 thoughts on “N+을/를 알고 있어요? ~ Do you know?

  1. Jaffry says:

    it is a nice blog,and really helpful
    I have a question regarding this particular topic now…
    as I have learn that 있어요 is used for past tense….and the 알다: to know
    Hence does the literal meaning of the sentence is ‘did you know’….right?

    Of course when we speak in korean, it will mean that do you know this thing or not, I am a little confused about this

    • sydneytoseoul says:

      있어요 isn’t past tense actually. The base verb is 있다, the present tense is 있어요 and the past is 있었어요.

      As I understand, this grammar structure is a variation of V+고 있다. Combining this with 알다, to know, 알고 있어요 is somewhat like “to know” or “knowing”.

      Hopefully that helps. For your send question below, also see V+고 있다.


  2. Jaffry says:

    sorry..one more thing…is the addition of 고 means ‘do?’….
    so can it be like this

    does yangsun eat rice?
    양손시는 밥을 먹고있습니까?


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